In response to the diverse operational needs of enterprises,

we help our clients build business teams efficiently.

Empowering Business Through People

At Atomic, our staffing services drive success across key industries such as retail, information technology, banking, oil and gas, life sciences and digital transformation. Rather than being just an external support function, we embed ourselves as an agile extension within a team - crafting bespoke solutions that precisely meet the unique needs.

With our focus on scaling recruitment teams, delivering comprehensive support, and ensuring competitive packages, we take care of finding the talent your business needs, allowing you to keep focusing on what really matters - achieving remarkable results and fostering growth.




Tailored Solutions
We collaborate closely with our clients to customize temporary staffing services according to their specific requirements - becoming an integral part of their team.
Scalable Teams
Our flexibility allows us to scale temporary recruitment teams as per project needs, ensuring seamless operations and cost-effectiveness.
Comprehensive Support
From onboarding to payroll and continuous aftercare, we provide extensive support throughout a contractor's engagement, ensuring a smooth experience for both clients and candidates.
Competitive Packages
Our contractors receive highly competitive packages, including project completion bonuses, fostering commitment and retention until project fruition.
Regulatory Compliance
Our business is fully registered as an Employment Agent and fully compliant with all MOM, TAFEP, and Employment Agreement Acts, regulations, and laws, ensuring the highest standards of ethical and legal practices.


Temporary Staffing Solutions
Our short-term staffing solutions cater to your immediate workforce needs, providing skilled professionals as required.
We offer a smooth transition from temporary to permanent hire, enabling you to assess candidates before making long-term commitments.
Project Hiring
Engage skilled professionals specifically for your projects, ensuring specialized expertise for successful project completion.
Statement of Work (SOW) Consulting
Benefit from our specialized consulting services for Statement of Work engagements, tailored to meet your unique requirements.