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Posted on 09 November 2023

From November 5th to 10th,2023, the 6th China International Import Expo was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. This grand event featured 15 exhibition halls, 8 exhibition areas, and gathered over 2,800 companies from 127 countries and regions. The Jing'an District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, in collaboration with Shanghai Suhewan (Group) Co., Ltd., and various human resources service providers in Jing'an District, formed the "Gathering Talents Benefit the Global - Human Resources Service Joint Exhibition Area" and settled in the 8.2 Service Trade Zone.

Atomic Group was invited to participate in the Import Expo for the first time, showcasing profound industry insights accumulated over more than 20 years of deep involvement in the human resources industry. We also presented comprehensive and diversified range of services and highlighted the business trends focused on China and expanding into international markets.

In its debut at the CIIE, Atomic Group showcased its position as a leading comprehensive human resources service provider and demonstrated the diversified range of services it can offer. These services include executive search, staffing, RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), enterprise globalization, talent development, and more. ATOMIC's recognized service capabilities help provide innovative solutions to address challenges in talent recruitment, employee management, and organizational development, helping clients achieve business growth.

Furthermore, ATOMIC's business coverage continues to expand. It currently extends to the top ten cities in China and has started its journey from Singapore, gradually expanding into the ASEAN market.

ATOMIC Theme Roadshow

On the afternoon of November 6th, Atomic Group participated in the theme roadshow event in the exhibition area, focusing on the construction of high-level talent hubs. The event attracted a large number of spectators and received an enthusiastic response.

During ATOMIC's dedicated speaking session, Terry Shen, the founder and CEO of ATOMIC, stated, "The development history of ATOMIC is a brilliant chapter witnessing the growth of the Chinese economy, from 'bringing in' to 'going global'."He shared ATOMIC's operational strategies that have evolved in line with the trends of China's economic development, starting from its establishment in 2000 through foreign introduction, rooting in China in 2005, and expanding outward from Singapore starting in 2023.

Nabil Farrag, ATOMIC's Managing Director for Southeast Asia, shared his insights into the international human resources service market based on his practical experience of over a decade in the industry. He emphasized that the Asian market is vibrant, with a significant economic position globally and an accelerating shift of the world's economic center towards Asia. He highlighted the region's population advantage, abundant labor force, enormous consumer market potential, and thriving middle class.

Nabil also shared information on the current economic status, challenges, opportunities, and proficient job titles in different regions in Asia. He concluded by presenting talent attraction strategies that are more suitable for the current foreign market environment.

During the "Global Talent Strategy Sharing" roundtable discussion, Rebecca Li, Senior Partner at ATOMIC, shared insights into the localization process of foreign medical enterprises in China, including their development and adaptation strategies in the Chinese market. Rebecca also explored the major challenges faced by domestic medical enterprises in expanding into international markets and proposed possible solutions. The discussion also touched upon the new demands faced by human resources service providers in a constantly changing environment.

Leaders Visit Exhibition Area

The "Gathering Talent Benefit the World - Global Human Resources Services Joint Exhibition" has received positive attention from leaders at all levels in Shanghai. The leaders visited the exhibition area and engaged in friendly exchanges with the management team of Atomic Group.

Jiaying Yang, Party Secretary and Director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, cordially met with Kirsten Mao, Chief Operating Officer of Atomic Group

Jun Fu, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jing’an District Committee, Executive Deputy District Mayor and Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Jing’an District People’s Government, communicated with Kirsten Mao, Chief Operating Officer of Atomic Group

Beilei Cheng, Party Secretary and Director of Jing'an District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security had a cordial exchange with Terry Shen, Founder and CEO of Atomic Group.

The journey of the CIIE is not yet over, and Atomic Group looks forward to showcasing its years of service advantages and achievements to more people. We aim to continue connecting high-quality talents with global enterprises, exploring diverse and innovative business models, expanding their business coverage areas, and establishing a strong presence in China while keeping a global perspective. Our goal is to step onto a larger world stage.

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